Let’s explore together CO-ART project website!

Are you part of the cultural and creative sector or do you have any interest in this field? If yes, you definitely have to visit the CO-ART project website! 

This website provides you with a lot of information and you can start discovering the project through a general overview of it: what this project is about, who the participants are and which the expected impacts it aims to achieve are: https://co-artproject.eu/project/.

Even more specifically, it shares the concrete results it is developing: the INTELLECTUAL OUTPUTS such as the CO-ART Online Escape Rooms, the Training Kit and its Online Platform. We know… you want to know much more; don’t worry! Here you can find much more information https://co-artproject.eu/outputs/ and also have direct access to the E-learning Platform  https://co-artproject.eu/e-learning/. 😉

Last but not least, CO-ART project is composed by a pioneering and diverse partnership, discover more about the participating organizations through this link https://co-artproject.eu/partners/ and if you want to contact with them or have more information about the project, the contact section is what you need https://co-artproject.eu/contact/.

Remember to stay up to date on the latest news of this innovative project and to not miss any news: https://co-artproject.eu/news/.

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