Project Description

It is strongly necessary for CCS professionals to develop entrepreneurial and digital competences defined in ENTRECOMP and DIGCOMP 2.1. to foster entrepreneurship and encourage them to become key players to modify the way creative products, cultural goods and events are created, managed, disseminated and consumed during and after COVID-19.


The increasing and, almost mandatory digital shift, is leading to the need for digital skills for CCS to accelerate the digital transformation.


Project CO-ART addresses entrepreneurial and digital competence development of young unemployed, self employed CCS workers and aspiring art entrepreneurs through Online Escape Rooms. Moreover, CO-ART will provide an adequate training programme to equip youth workers with these new working environments and tools and enable them to support digital and entrepreneurial competence development.


  • Young (age 18-29) unemployed and/or self employed/freelance CCS workers and aspiring (ART)entrepreneurs who are exposed to the risk of exclusion due to the Covid-19 crisis and other social, economical or geographical obstacles.

  • Youth Workers and Trainers eager to gain non-traditional tools and knowledge to support young people in the development of entrepreneurial and digital competences.


Equip and train Youth workers with non-traditional online learning tools to support the development of entrepreneurial and digital competences among young CCS workers and aspiring art entrepreneurs.

Develop non-traditional online learning tools to empower young people, to acquire entrepreneurial and digital competences needed to encourage entrepreneurial activities of young, aspiring entrepreneurs in the CCS during and after COVID-19 crisis.

To establish and reinforce virtual cooperation between young culture workers and organizations at local and European levels during and after Covid-19 crisis.
Reinforce digital networks between young unemployed or self employed CCS workers and encourage them to be the key players who accelerate the digital transformation and innovative, entrepreneurial mind-set in CCS.

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