Get to know more – Online Learning Resources

What are online learning resources? 

1️⃣ They are made available online, not from printed sources.

2️⃣ They are digital materials used for supporting the learning process that is delivered in multiple delivery models.

3️⃣ They are digital learning content, materials and/or tools available online to learners and educators.

4️⃣ They might be HTML documents such as course or chapter objectives, lecture notes, assignments, or answers to chapter questions. They might be audio or video lessons, interactive exercises  or exams, or documents providing links to others.

▶️ What are the benefits of using online learning resources? 

1️⃣ Ease of access

Online tools are a convenient go-to, especially during any closures or lock-downs. 

2️⃣ Teaching support 

Free access to a huge variety of educational resources can help users create comprehensive lesson plans and learn new teaching strategies.

3️⃣ Tracking and reporting

Many learning platforms have built-in progress trackers and reporting tools, making it easy to track and communicate learning progress.

4️⃣ Flexibility

The more teaching and learning resources and apps exist, the better equipped users are to provide or receive quality instruction virtually. Plus, users can stay connected to each other anytime.

5️⃣ Differentiation

Adjusting online lessons to meet individual needs and using multimedia to match students’ interests can ensure they get a high-quality learning experience from home.

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