Creative Europe 2023 and its influence on the CCS

The program Creative Europe was created In order to meet the demands and difficulties faced by the cultural and creative industries, Creative Europe makes investments in initiatives that support cultural diversity and its primary goals are:  

  • to preserve, advance, and promote the rich cultural and linguistic legacy of Europe. 
  • boost the economic potential and competitiveness of the cultural and creative industries, especially the audiovisual industry. 

In 2023, Creative Europe will become an even more integral part of the European cultural and creative sector. It longs for a more equitable, sustainable, and diverse Sector and will have enabled the sector to expand and diversify its activities, to be more competitive and to reach out to new markets. Creativity will be encouraged and supported by the programme, and the environment for artists and other creative professionals in Europe will be more open and welcoming. 

Additionally, Creative Europe will continue to promote the development of innovative approaches to the production, distribution and promotion of European cultural and creative works and the adaptation of European cultural works to new markets and audiences. 

In order to reach out to wider audiences, Creative Europe will explore new methods of communication and outreach, such as online and virtual events, and will continue to support the development of digital infrastructures for the cultural and creative sectors. 

Our project Co-art, same as Creative Europe, focuses on reaching out to CCS workers and providing them with diverse digital infrastructures to further support them in the current hard market. 

In this framework, CO-ART has developed a digital platform with 24 engaging Escape rooms to develop the digital and entrepreneurial skills of young people, which should introduce them to a new non-formal teaching method and prepare them with the necessary skills that are currently missing in many CCS professionals. 

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