Escape rooms are increasingly used in educational fields

Escape rooms are increasingly used in educational fields where skills developments are crucial such as STEM subjects.  However, there is an increasing recognition that escape rooms can also serve as a means to facilitate the development of entrepreneurial skills such as critical thinking and collaboration.  Even though escape rooms in education is not an uncharted territory, especially in Europe where hundreds of research articles, blog post and book chapters were dedicated to the impact of the escape rooms, there is still room for further studies regarding the way they have evolved over the years and as to how they could be linked with entrepreneurial education and cultivation of entrepreneurial skills with a focus on sustainability. Frentz, Tuchscherer and Wiepcke, on their article titled Gamified Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education – A digital Educational Escape Room for economy classes in German High Schools, offer an interesting perspective of how educational escape rooms can be created, developed and implemented to support sustainable entrepreneurship education in German High Schools. With the support of a case study, the article links the use of espace rooms with the acquisition of competences like: Systemic Thinking, Communication and Interpersonal Acting, Problem Solving etc.  All these competences are placed withing the spectrum of entrepreneurial competences.  

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