The end that is also a beginning

During the CO-ART project led by our 6 European partners organisations, we have developed 24 online Escape Rooms to help young ARTpreneurs to develop their digital and entrepreneurial skills. Escape rooms have become increasingly popular in recent years, both as a fun activity with friends and as a team-building exercise for businesses, but also a non-formal tool to learn new things. They are highly engaging and interactive, making them an effective way to educate people on complex topics. They also provide a safe space for players to explore different perspectives and ideas, which can be especially valuable for participants with fewer opportunities such as economic or geographical obstacles or educational difficulties. Additionally, escape rooms require players to work together and communicate effectively, which can help build teamwork and problem-solving skills. 

The experience was so rich for ANTIC, the French partner of the consortium, that it decided that it was relevant and logical to use this new skill and tool to develop and apply it to other subjects on which the organization works. That is why ANTIC developed a new set of online Escape Room on the topic of Sustainable IT. As ANTIC has identified that influencers produce and post the most videos on social networks, which are very polluting, it decided to focus on this new target. Thus, ANTIC has developed a new set of online escape rooms to teach influencers how to publish in a more digitally responsible way. 

ANTIC now uses this set of online Escape Rooms as a raising awareness and skills development tool. 

This is an example of how important it is for an organisation to keep learning about innovations, and non-formal learnings tools to have new creative ideas and to be flexible to learn new skills to make a tool transferable from one subject to another. 

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