What are the goals of CO-ART project?

We would like to share with you the details of our project. Let’s start with its objectives!



1: Contribute to the digital transformation, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of CCS and CCS professionals during and after COVID-19 crisis

2: Reinforce digital collaborations and network between young creative professionals and culture organizations in Europe, thus contributing to the resilience of the CCS

3: Boost quality, creativity and innovation in youth work through non-traditional learning tools and methods to foster entrepreneurial activities, nurture talents and thrive creative mindsets of young people, increase their employability and encourage intercultural engagement



1: Equip and train youth workers with non-traditional online learning tools to support the development of entrepreneurial and digital competences among young CCS workers and aspiring art entrepreneurs

2: Empower young people to acquire entrepreneurial and digital competences needed to encourage entrepreneurial activities of young, aspiring entrepreneurs in the CCS during and after COVID-19 crisis

3: To establish and reinforce virtual cooperation between young culture workers and organizations at local and European levels during and after Covid-19 crisis

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