Our project meeting in Cyprus

On March 28 and 29th, we had the opportunity to meet at the final transnational meeting of partners in Cyprus, in the beautiful city of Nicosia.  

During the meeting we discussed all the project activities we have completed, including preparation of: 

  1. CO-ART 24 Online Escape Rooms 
  1. CO-ART KIT Training Programme for Youth Workers 
  1. CO-ART Co-work Online Platform 
  1. CO-ART Transnational Training Event in Latvia  
  1. CO-ART Multiplier Events  

We addressed our activities and results to: 

  1. Young (age 18-29) unemployed and/or self-employed/freelance CCS workers and aspiring ARTentrepreneurs.
  2. Youth workers and trainers.
  3. NGOs, youth organizations and other stakeholders.

Although the project has officially ended, we are not ending our work and further intend to promote the idea of the project and undertake further activities on this topic. Stay tuned to see what we plan next! 

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