The Diversity of Escape Rooms

A variety of escape rooms is determined by how players need to solve the puzzles, in what order, and how complex the progression of the room is. There are Linear and Non-linear escape rooms.

The Linear Escape Rooms have ordered nature. These are great for beginners and require fewer people, as mysteries are solved one by one with each clue leading to the next answer of the game.

The Nonlinear Escape Rooms require more effort and people due to their complexity, as an order of solving challenges is not determined. However large teams can be split into smaller groups for simultaneous work on the smaller tasks (puzzles) of a grand challenge. Also, these require a lot of testing before launching.

So, what kind of puzzle types exist?

The following types can be distinguished and used in constructing escape rooms that to make a player think outside the box:

Unsplash photos by Rayson Tan, Candice Seplow, Eileen Pan, Csongor Schmutc, Gavin Allanwood, Nathalia Segato

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