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➡️ What is an online escape room?

  1. It is a game which requires players to escape from digital imprisonment by finding clues and solving a series of challenges to unlock the room. 
  2. It must have specific learning outcomes and engage users within a particular subject matter. 
  3. Its concept is basically an organized form of problem-based learning that uses aspects of a learning framework within the context of an engaging scenario or theme.​ It is effective because it can be adapted to any subject. ​


➡️ How to design your own escape rooms? – step by step 


When designing a digital escape room, logical sequence has to be followed by answering three major questions – ‘why?’, ‘what?’ and ‘how?’.  

It allows a designer to create a meaningful experience for people by following each step of three phases, represented by the questions. 

Posing ‘why?’ question will assure learning objectives and expected learning outcomes are properly set to make an escape room not just a fun game, but also a meaningful learning experience. 

Posing ‘what?’ question will allow to specify topics and particular knowledge necessary for a learner to succeed in a learning journey. Clear storyline is required to make the learning content relevant for learners. 

Posing ‘how?’ will ensure the learning experience to be well-structured, easy to follow and sequences just like real-life escape rooms are. This is the main phase of technical design which ensures gamification is in place. Significantly, it includes testing as a necessary element of digital escape room quality assurance.


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